Revolutionizing the Beer Keg Industry

  • Replaceable Ozone Sanitized Liner System:    No keg cleaner required        

  • High Quality Containment:    Consistency with every fill – Eliminate premature spoilage

  • Rapid Keg Turn Round:    Up to 40 kegs/hr

  • Low Capital Investment:   Ideal for most start-up craft beverage producers

  • Environmentally Friendly:    Reduce water usage and waste discharge – Recyclable materials

  • Built for Safety:    Relief valve – Avoid accidental over-pressurization

“Increase your bottom line with the lower cost of ownership of the EVkeg system”



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EVKeg 3 gallon and 5 gallon
EvKeg Partial Dissasembly
Assembling the EVKeg handle with new Pure Taste Liner


  • Operates like any other Sankey D keg system – no change in purge, fill or tapping process
  • Never worry about premature spoilage: High quality ozone sanitized containment that is consistent with every fill
  • Liners have up 8 month shelf life under 38 ⁰F
  • No keg cleaner required – spend more time producing your beverage than time spent cleaning kegs
  • Keg preparation time of 30 seconds – compare that to the cleaning time of most keg cleaners
  • No capital investment required for a keg cleaner or waste water treatment system
  • Eliminate theft of your kegs – no scrap value. Unlike stainless steel kegs
  • Made from HDPE which is extremely durable and dent resistant. No maintenance costs
  • Stackable
  • Handles can be color coded or fitted with bar code/RFID tags
  • Resettable pressure relief valve prevents accidental over pressurization above 50 PSI
  • Capable of withstanding up to 150 PSI in case of over pressurization
  • Made in USA: 5-10 day lead time, no minimum order quantity. Conserve cash flow, order only what you need. Small quantity blanket discounts available
  • Low cost of ownership: adds up to 10% to your bottom line
  • Dimensions similar to most stainless steel kegs. See Specifications
  • Easy operation. See Instructions
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Full refund if product does not meet your expectations.

Commercial Brewers

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