The 3-Gallon EV Keg is a perfect fit for the advancing home brewer. Fits easily in most refrigerators and the keg spear can be cleaned in the sink or dishwasher.


  • Diameter = 9.1″

  • Tap height = 15.0″

  • Total height = 16.0″

  • Weight = 9.5lbs

  • HDPE

  • Sankey D/304 Stainless Steel

  • Stackable x3

  • 45psi Max operating pressure

  • Valve handle lock

  • Self resetting pressure relief valve – 50-60psi

  • British Racing Green

  • Handle color = Grey

  • Optional handle colors = Blk/R/B/G

Single use Pure-Taste Liners are Multi layer – Biax Nylon / Food Grade LDPE and provide excellent containment quality to prevent spoilage with up to 6 months shelf life.

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