EVkeg Super Growler Party Keg

Fills like a growler… Functions like a party keg

Keeps your brew fresh for weeks not days…even if partially filled

 Great for home parties, picnics, boating, tail gating, or the avid home brewer in your life!


Super Growler


  • Serve your favorite craft brews : beer, cider, Kombucha, craft cocktails, cold brew coffee or iced tea to name a few
  • Holds 24 pints that will last to the end of the party.
  • Partially fill your super growler at home from single growlers. Your brews will remain fresh for up to 2 weeks
  • CO2 pressurized that will keep your brew fresh for weeks not days
  • The 74 gram CO2 cartridge will dispense up to 3 kegs. Adapter also available for 16 gram CO2 cartridge
  • Beverage is contained in an ozone sanitized liner that is made from recyclable materials
  • Operates up to 30 PSI
  • Fits in any refrigerator for easy chilling
  • Easy to carry to any event. Ice chill in a standard DIY 5 gallon pale
  • No cleanup of empty cans or bottles to worry about after the function
EVkeg Super Growler




Order now for first release discount
This is the first release of our “Super Growler” after weeks of successful prototype trials.
We are taking preliminary orders for 50 units that will be available for deliveryin 4-5 weeks at a special discount price of $125.45, plus shipping and CA tax.
That is a $30 discount off the future retail pricing of $155.45 that will go into effect after this initial run.

What you get with your order:

    • 3 gallon EVkeg
    • Locking handle and screw top cap (can also be used on our 5 gallon keg)
    • Dispensing cap assembly and regulator
    • 3 liners
    • 6 foot filling tube – adaptable for filling from any bar tap

Note: The package does not include the CO2 cartridges which are readily available on line through other retailers.


Order today to be within the first 50 customers to get your $30 discount pricing