Home Brewers

The National Home Brewers Association estimates that there are over 1 million home brewers in the US alone.

This market is expanding by more than 15% per year as more beer enthusiasts try their hand at craft brewing. Another rising trend in this market is a corresponding increase in the number of home brewers who wish to switch from bottling their creations to kegging their work.

For many years the common keg used by home brewers has been the Cornelius keg due to it’s ease of access for cleaning. This keg was developed by the soft drink industry but is no longer in production as alternative delivery systems have been adopted by that industry.

Home brewers are left with few kegging alternatives, most of which are expensive and come from overseas. The move towards the 1/6 gallon Sankey D valve keg used in the production brewing market provides little solution either as many of you who have tried these kegs realize how difficult they are to clean.

By contrast the EVkeg offers the home brewer with a US made a 1/6 barrel standard Sankey D valve system that is very easy to prepare before each filling.

Benefits of the EVKeg for the Home Brewer

  • High cleanliness and consistent containment quality with every fill eliminating premature beer spoilage due to ineffective cleaning.
  • Ease of preparation that only requires the cleaning of the beer spear which can easily be cleaned by hand or a soak clean.
  • No more messy keg cleaning days that are frustrating and time consuming. The liner of an EVkeg can be installed in less that a minute.
  • Adopts the standard Sankey D tapping equipment that is readily available on the market for connecting to your kegorator or bar taps.
  • Environmentally friendly saving water used in keg cleaning. In the US home brewing industry that amounts to millions of gallons of water saved per year.
  • Safety features that include a self setting pressure relief valve that prevents the keg from accidental over-pressurization.
  • Handle Assembly Safety locking system that cannot be opened under pressure.

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