Keg Safety

The EVkeg has been designed to meet the criteria set by the Pipe Standard that is used for the construction of polyethylene gas lines. This requires us to use keg wall thicknesses in our design that exceed most other competitors.

The design also incorporates a threaded joint to attach the two keg halves together that is extremely robust and able to withstand a lot of mistreatment, unlike many welded joints that are susceptible to manufacturing defects that may fail over time.

Our keg will withstand pressures up to 150PSI.

In the event that this pressure is exceeded the keg is designed to fail in a “gentle” manner where by it simply cracks without throwing shrapnel or parts. In fact under such a failure the liner will still remain intact without bursting.

EV Container Corporation has also installed a resettable relief valve system into the head of the beer spear that will prevent the keg from accidental over pressurization.

This safety system is unique to our kegs and sets us apart from every any other keg design (including stainless steel kegs) that are susceptible to inadvertent over pressurization.

Commercial Brewers

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