Pure Taste Liner

High quality containment…Taste consistency…Long shelf life with every fill

Eliminates Keg Cleaners…


pure taste liner

The Pure Taste Liner system has a multi-layer film design consisting of an inner beverage contact layer of food grade polyethylene that is free of BPA and has no impact on taste.

A middle layer of BIAX nylon gives strength and an oxygen barrier that provides a shelf life of up to 6 months under normal storage and refrigeration conditions.

The outer polyethylene layer has the primary function of providing protection against puncturing and scratching.

Pure Taste Liner Benefits:

  • The high cost of capital cleaning equipment, waste water treatment processes and factory floor space for cleaning is eliminated
  • Each liner is ozone sanitized eliminating premature spoilage that results from ineffective keg cleaning system
  • The purity of the liner containment quality provides consistency in taste that is not impacted by variations in the keg cleaning process
  • Liner replacement costs can be 15%-50% lower cost than a traditional water/detergent keg cleaning processes and waste water treatment processing
  • Thousands of gallons of pure water can saved from keg cleaning every year
  • Small brewers can compete against the quality of high cost complex cleaning systems used by larger brewers
  • Guaranteed consistency of internal contact surface no matter what the condition of the returned keg
  • Ease of liner replacement improves keg turn round time before fills… 25 – 30 kegs per hour
  • The liner materials are recyclable


  • Oxygen absorption rate:                 1 ppm over 6 months
  • Pressure:                                        The liners should not be pressurized outside of the keg
  • Usage:                                            One time usage only

EV Container Corporation Liner Recycle Program

For every liner fitment that is returned to EV Container Corporation, a discount will be applied against future liner orders since the fitments can be reground and added to the production materials of future fitments.

The value of the discount is summarized in the annual price list.