Pure Taste Liner

“High containment quality and consistency with every fill”

Taste consistency and long shelf life with every fill at a fraction of the cost

Can your keg cleaning process guarantee 100% removal of internal bacteria growth of returned kegs…even if the kegs have been baking for months in high temperatures before you receive them?

Are you even able to measure the cleanliness of your kegs after they pass through your cleaning process?

Keg cleaning is one of the most challenging and costly problems that every brewery faces…

Our replaceable, santitized Pure Taste Liner overcomes these problems providing a high quality containment system that is consistent from fill to fill, and it eliminates the need for expensive internal keg cleaning equipment and waste water treatment facilitites.

Pure Taste Liner Benefits

  • Guaranteed consistency of internal contact surface no matter what the condition of the returned keg
  • Replacement costs are 25%-50% less than the cost of the traditional water/detergent keg cleaning processes
  • Thousands of gallons of pure water are saved every year making your brewery company a responsible steward of the environment
  • The high cost of capital cleaning equipment and factory floor space is eliminated
  • Small brewers can now compete against the quality of complex cleaning systems used by larger brewers
  • Each liner is sanitized eliminating bacterial contamination resulting from ineffective cleaning
  • Ease of liner replacement improves keg turn round time before fills < 1minute
  • Eliminate the need to invest in cleaning fluid sewer treatment  facilities or the need to control the volumes of sewer discharges
  • The liner materials are recyclable

Design Features & Oxygen Transfer Barrier Properties

  • The Pure Taste liner is a multilayer construction consisting of a food grade polyethylene inner layer laminated to a robust high strength BIAX nylon outer layer.
  • Oxygen transfer rates measured by Guelph Food Technology labs in Ontario Canada shows that the Pure Taste liner has excellent oxygen barrier properties that will provide 6 months calculated shelf.
  • Comparison tests have been conducted between the Pure Taste liner and other beverage companies that show our oxygen transfer rates are almost half of those companies who have successfully adopted a liner concept.
  • Practical oxygen transfer measurement tests have also been conducted by a beta test brewer where a 1/2 barrel keg was filled with de-aerated water and dissolved oxygen readings were measured over a 3 month period. No detectable readings of increased oxygen absorption were measured over that period, and all base readings were well above acceptable threshold levels for dissolved oxygen in finished beer.

Pure Taste Liner Operational and Quality Features

  • The liners come standard in a sealed, sanitized condition manufactured to food grade standards. There is an option to purchase sterilized liners at the request of the brewer. (Note: all taste testing has been conducted with sanitized liners)
  • The liner seals to the o’ring of the standard Sankey D valve spear used in our EVkeg in a similar manner to how the seal is made on a standard stainless steel keg.
  • The liner is attached to the valve handle assembly by hand through a 1/4 turn thread that engages with the fitment on the liner.
  • The liner is designed to open within the keg during the CO2 purge process that is adopted my most brewers prior to filling.
  • A 2 dimensional liner is used in the 1/2 barrel EVkeg with a patented design feature that guarantees the liner will open evenly within the keg so that it is fully supported by the keg walls preventing the potential for rupture during the filling process.
  • A 3 dimensional liner is used in the 1/6 barrel EVkeg.
  • The liner should not be used with hot fluids
  • The liner is a single use application. The strength and performance of the liner will be seriously compromised after removal from a fill. Brewers runs the risk of rupture if attempting to use a liner multiple times.
  • Removal of the valve assembly handle after every fill ensures that the beer spears can be adequately cleaned using a standard industrial dish washer and visually inspected for traces of bacteria build up.
  • The effective cleaning/visual inspection of the beer spear and the guaranteed sanitization/sterilization of the liner ensures that the containment quality of our EVkeg is a high standard of cleanliness and consistent from fill to fill.

Taste Testing

The Pure Taste liner has gone through several taste testing trials conducted by beta test brewers and several consumer taste test trials.

Moylans Aggressive Taste Test: An EVkeg was filled at the same time as a control sample stainless steel keg with a light alcohol beer. Both kegs were loaded into the back of a pickup and driven approximately 1,800 miles over a 28 day period where the kegs we subjected to significant agitation and temperature swings that ranged from the low 30ºF to the mid 70ºF.

Brewers from Moylans were unable to detect a taste difference between the two samples. However, differences in clarity and smell were detected in the control sample.

This same EVkeg was refrigerated for a further 15 days and again tested by Moylans brewers who detected no change in taste.

The keg was removed from the brewer and used in a consumer test after another 15 days, this time without being refrigerated. Again, no taste impact was reported by any of the 30 participants involved.

Hotel Mac Consumer Taste Test: a blind triangular consumer taste test that compared beer from an EVkeg with beer from a stainless steel keg was conducted with over 50 participants. The outcome of the test showed no detectable differences in taste.

Automation of the Liner Installation Process

The liner installation is currently done by hand and takes less than 1 minute if a stock of pre-cleaned valve assembly spears are maintained. This preparation rate is as fast as many automated cleaning lines costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

EV Container Corporation is currently working with other business partners to develop an automated liner installation process that will make the EVkeg suitable for high volume automated production filling processes. We project that process will be available within 2 years.

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